Testimonials Archive - reSPACio

Very easy to use and intuitive, saving time and resource. Most importantly when you start using a new software is the support and customer service and this has been outstanding. Our experience has been excellent, having used other products with our other estate agency this had been a considerable improvement.

Our existing CRM system was not living up to our expectations and lacked key usability and reporting capabilities. We needed something that was intuitive, fully supported integrated marketing with an in depth reporting system. Our experience has been absolutely excellent with all of the support needed to switch from one system to another, it has been stress free. It is very intuitive and the level of customisation is excellent. The ability to segment clients based on what really matters to them is very impressive.

Overall exceptional. The pre and post sales support are both to the same exceptional standard. The company is responsive, adaptive and keen to listen and help. The fact the software is controlled by a Master Module that can be edited – meaning just about any feature can be customised to the way you work.

Our main reason for choosing Respacio was the flexibility and wide range of adaptable functionality in the system, making it a tailor made solution to our specific needs. Support technicians always respond very quickly was absolutely essential when choosing the CRM. The most uselful features? Definitely the pipelines, where you can get a clear overview of where in the sales process a customer is. This is really helpful when you want to keep track of clients so you never lose an ongoing deal."

We checked many programs around 1 year before found Respacio. Is multifunctional program for realtors, is real virtual office which is gives you more options that you ever can imagine. It is convenient for companies of any size and can be built like lego for any user. Separately I want to note the clients support department, any issue can be resolved instantly, always in touch.